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The Warranty is given by HillBilly Australia.  Distributor of the HillBilly Buggies, Batteries and associated accessories relating to the Golf Buggy including the HillBilly Golf Bags. The Warranty applies to the Buggy identified by the serial number found on the underside of the Golf Buggy.  The Warranty is transferable to all owners of the Buggy and or Battery provided the Buggy and or Battery and Charger are within the country of purchase during the Warranty period.

Warranty Period

  • HillBilly Golf buggies – 2 years from date of purchase
  • HillBilly Lithium Batteries and Chargers - 2 years from date of purchase
  • HillBilly Accessories – Carry Bags, Umbrella, Drink,Scorecard and GPS Holders and Golf Bags – 1 year from date of purchase
  • Free supplied Promotional Products –  Come with No Warranty

Important Notice

To make a Warranty Claim you will need to provide proof of purchase. The easiest way to provide proof of purchase is to retain your receipt or purchase order number in a safe place.

Warranty Claim Procedure & Support

The HillBilly Golf Buggies and Lithium Batteries purchased in Australia are covered by a 2 year warranty from date of purchase. The HillBilly Golf Bags and Accessories are covered by a 1 year Warranty from date of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects that occur during normal use. Any breakage, damage or faults caused by the following items are not covered by the HillBilly Warranty.

  1. Abuse misuse, or neglect of the Buggy, Battery, Battery Charger Charger and or Accessories.
  2. Failing to operate the Buggy, Battery, Battery Charger or Accessories as set out in the operating manual and detailed instructions supplied with the buggy and on the HillBilly Australia website
  3. Accidental damage
  4. Damage or fault caused to Buggy, Battery and Charger or Accessories by a motor vehicle accident
  5. Damage or fault caused by flood, torrential rain, Buggy, Battery and Charger being submerged in water or use of a pressure washer directly on the items
  6. Operation of the Buggy, Battery and Charger, or Accessories after a defect is known
  7. Damage or fault caused by chemicals, solvents, salt, fire etc
  8. Installation or use of parts and accessories not supplied or approved by HillBilly Australia.
  9. Any repairs or alterations to the Buggy, Battery and Charger, carried out by anyone not authorized by HillBilly Australia.
  10. Damage caused to the Buggy and or Battery by being rolled over.
  11. Damage being caused to the Buggy and or Battery through letting it roll down hills unattended
  12. Damage to the Buggy, Battery, or any Accessories including the umbrella holder as a result of the umbrella being left open during windy conditions or the buggy being left unattended during windy conditions resulting in the buggy being blown over or blown into a bunker or water
  13. Damage or fault due to Buggy and or Battery being stolen
  14. Buggy, Battery and Charger not being used in country it was purchased
  15. Damage caused by use of the Buggy, Battery and Charger being used outside the intended purpose the Buggy, Battery and Charger were designed for.
  16. Warranty does not cover HillBilly products being used for commercial purposes and or hire, unless authorised by HillBilly Australia.

Please note that these warranty conditions are provided in addition to the Australian Consumer Law and do not limit or replace that law.

Provided none of the above applies, costs relating to a Warranty Claim will be paid for by HillBilly Australia.